Whether you’re trying to plan a break with your game-loving other half or you’re struggling to convince your kids to put the controller down and step away from the console just long enough for a family trip, allow us to offer some support – and a solution you’ll love!

Ireland is what can only be described as a gamer’s paradise, with its rugged landscape and enchanting culture. It is a land to enjoy, to explore and to experience in the flesh. Still getting the “I can explore all the worlds I want from home” argument?

Try looking at it this way; part of the allure of gaming is the opportunity to explore other larger-than-life worlds in their entirety. The detail, the drama, the thrill of new discoveries…

Well, imagine being able to explore those same breath-taking landscapes and folkloric fantasies in real life. That’s exactly what Ireland offers; more than a giant’s playground, the Emerald Isle is steeped in history, mythology and magic – everything a good game entails.

And if you still need a little more ammunition to convince your console-addicted loved ones, try explaining that what they enjoy most about their favourite games can be found right here in Ireland. We’ve offered some suggestions, below.

The Problem: Flower

The Solution: County Antrim and the Wild Atlantic Highway

Flower asks you to control your flower petal as you soar through the air, across rugged and varied landscapes, taking in the countryside without any conflict or competition. This is a peaceful game and favourite for many, but not quite as good as the actual open spaces of real life rural spots.

Enjoying the blue skies and sunsets of County Antrim and the Wild Atlantic Highway would let you explore meadows, valleys, canyons, coastlines and caves for real; so shut down, pack up, and go be the petal.

The Problem: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion & V: Skyrim

The Solution: Dunluce Castle and rural Ireland

If your gamer is transfixed with the magical characters, epic quests and quiet exploration afforded by The Elder Scrolls, you may have a hard time convincing them there is beauty beyond their screen. Unless, of course, you bring them to Ireland!

Really, could there be more castles, ruins, forests and fields? And what about the hidden history and dark side waiting to be discovered in this land of ancient real-world rivalries and faerie feuds? Oh yes…The Elder Scrolls ain’t got nothing on Ireland.

The Problem: Wii Sports

The Solution: The Great Irish Outdoors

If your youngsters are big fans of all things active on the Wii, then they will love what’s on offer to those who explore and experience the great Irish outdoors. Far from just sleepy villages and towns, and cities steeped in history and culture, Ireland is home to adventure and activity galore.

You can go hiking and take in the views, you can cycle round at your own pace, and you can push your limits with water sports like kayaking and the like. The options really are endless, and there’s something for every taste, ability and age group. Plus, in terms of what’s on offer, the Wii can’t touch Ireland! So get your sporty gamer into the great outdoors.

The Problem: Minecraft

The Solution: The Giant’s Causeway

If your favourite gamer adores the pixelated and enormous world of Minecraft, they might argue that such awe-inspiring and unique landscapes don’t exist beyond the PC…but they’d be wrong.

The Giant’s Causeway, with its giant hexagonal basalt pillars, mythical roots, and stunning green backdrop at the edge of the open water, looks like it could have come straight from Minecraft itself.

The best bit is, whilst your Minecrafter is taking in the sights, admiring how their gaming dreams have been realised in the real world, they will be getting plenty of fresh air, activity and a new experience with memories to last a lifetime.

The Problem: Game of Thrones

The Solution: Our Game of Thrones tour

Yes, the ever popular Game of Thrones has long revered as one of the great fantasy novel series. On top of that, both its game and TV series adaptations have had phenomenal success. And whilst this is good news for the franchise, its ability to draw you in and immerse you in a world of intrigue, magic, conflict and more, makes it a problem if you want to drag the family on a trip far from the TV screen.

Luckily for you, your Game of Thrones gamer can experience the real thing (or as close as we will ever get), right here in Ireland, on our Game of Thrones tour! That’s right; they can see the Storm’s End, walk along the Dark Hedges and get lost in a magical part of the real world.

Of course, these are by no means the only ones with stunning landscapes and magnificent attention to detail, but they are a good start if you need to convince people that there’s more to life than their high score, especially if you explain there’s a landscape out there that designers can only dream of recreating. So if you’re still battling your gamer, but you haven’t lost hope of a holiday, then look no further than the Emerald Isle.