With a history that has the breadth and depth that Belfast has, alongside the ongoing struggle that has spanned centuries, it is not surprising that the political history of Ireland is still very much at the forefront of people’s minds.

Civil war, government uprisings and the question of Irish independence are all part and parcel of Ireland’s political history, and while it is not always perfect, it adds to the diversity that is present in the city today.

Between the political differences, a World War, the Civil War and the Great Potato Famine, millions of people died, and many more emigrated during the toughest time in Irish history.

While there is a lot to take in, Ireland’s troubled past can never take away from the stunning and beautiful sights that make up the vibrant city of Belfast. Despite the previous troubles, Ireland has taken many steps over the years to curb the negatives and focus on peace for all.

Our bespoke tour of Belfast covers all of Ireland’s political history, and the peace process that followed, including a chance to see the mesmerising Peace Wall and Political Murals across the city, depicting the past that got Ireland here today; a truly humbling experience for all involved.

Belfast today is a much more accommodating and welcoming environment than it was in centuries gone by, especially for tourists. The tour even comprises of a visit to Queen’s University and the Titanic dock and pump house, for an excellent tour of this magnificent city.

More than just a sight-seeing trip, our VIP bespoke Belfast political tour is a great way to take in the history and culture in the surrounding areas. Travel in style with our black taxi tour and make the most of your trip to Northern Ireland.

Prices start at £35 for up to 4 people for a tour that lasts approximately an hour and a half – a bargain by any standards. For more information on how you can book your place on the only tour that addresses Ireland’s political history, get in touch. You can even combine this tour with one of our other popular tours so contact our team today – we look forward to it!