When planning a day trip or excursion in today’s digital world, we generally tend to use the internet to research what is best to do. We also find ourselves consulting with others for their opinions and views on activities and jaunts, and end up basing our decisions on the outcome of this research. Belfast tourist attractions are ten a penny, but not all are as popular as ours.

Here, at Legends of the North, we run some of the most popular tours of Northern Ireland. Our diverse selection of tours cater to all tastes and interests and offer users the chance to create their own bespoke tour.

So, what goes into making our tours so attractive to the mass market?

  • All of our tours and excursions are guided by experts, ensuring you have a safe, supervised visit and experience the trip in the way it was intended
  • We have consistently delivered tours to the highest standard, leading to positive reviews and feedback
  • We feature some of the most exciting and thrilling locations, to make our tours into as much of an experience as we possibly can, as well as offering value for money
  • We hit major landmarks, places of cultural and historical interest and showcase locations that hold celebrity appeal; thanks to popular culture TV and entertainment
  • We know our market – it’s you – and we give you what you want: a bespoke Belfast tourist attraction that creates memories to last a lifetime
  • Intangible experiences are just as valuable as souvenirs to take away. So we take you to the places that matter; the ones you will never forget

All of our tours cater to different markets; those looking for thrills and adventure, those looking for peaceful, scenic views, and those interested in local history.

Regardless of what you are looking for, choose the best and you know you will be in safe hands, looked after and able to enjoy your bespoke tour of Belfast. We have something for everyone and can cater for larger groups, as per requests. Browse our website and contact our friendly team for more information on how we can help you get the most out of Belfast tourist attractions.