Thanks to its rich heritage and vibrant culture, Ireland, today, is a fantastic tourist destination, catering for a range of personalities in abundance. Between the cracks of the island’s visual beauty though rests pages of untold history and native legends, some of which have tourists coming back for more.

One particular mythical creature Ireland is famous for is giants. With tales of the land being their previous stomping ground, we found it only fitting to discuss some of Ireland’s hotspots; all of which help to create a ‘land of the giants’ setting.

So, read on to see just three stunning sights in Ireland.


Renowned for being the tallest peak in all of Ireland, Carrauntoohil is an astonishing 1,038m high, truly making it a sight to behold for all those that visit. You can just imagine giants roaming the ground below, with only the brave heading to the highest point to prove their fearlessness!

If, however, you’re feeling a little courageous yourself, there are walking routes up the mountain, with the most popular being to the North-East. So, you can head to the mountain after you’ve finished a Northern Ireland tour too!

Cahir Castle

Of course, we had to pop a castle on this list, and what better one to mention than one of the largest; Cahir Castle.  This antiquated hotspot has been around since 1142 and is still standing today, offering tourists a wonderful insight into the history of this slice of Ireland, as well as allowing them to soak in its stunning architecture and surroundings.

Giants Causeway

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Giants Causeway, which has a tale of its own! Legend has it, the causeway was created thanks to a feud between two opposing giants, but that’s as much as we’re willing to give away. Of course, our Giants Causeway tour will tell you the entire story, but for now, we should appreciate its rough and rugged aesthetics, as well as the role it plays in a fun family day out (for both people and giants, let’s not forget!).

These are just three attractions in Ireland that partly make up the land of the giants! For more, be sure to do your research before joining us on one of our tours or simply let our tour guides do all the teaching as you explore and uncover another side of Northern Ireland.