There has never been a better time to book your trip to Belfast. Sure, now that we are fully immersed in the dreary, wet weather; it can be difficult to find the motivation to leave the house, let alone go sight-seeing and exploring… but you should. Not only do you manage to avoid the swathes of people all clamouring to take part in the same tours and activities, but you also get to see Ireland in the build-up to Christmas, and Ireland loves Christmas.

Sight-seeing tours don’t have to mean trudging about in the cold, wet weather and getting lost because you’ve forgotten how to read a map; while craving a cold pint of Guinness as soon as you set off. With Legends of the North, we offer bespoke tours, set guided tours and even a tour of Belfast that will delight history fans – the Political Tour.

From the comfort of a luxury black cab, you can explore the dark underbelly of Belfast and the political history attached to our past. It’s a long and complex tale, which saw a divide of Ireland much deeper than just Northern Ireland from the rest of Ireland.

Whatever the weather, take our black cab tour and delve right into Irish history and culture. You can cultivate and change your itinerary as much as you please to create a bespoke experience like no other.

Two of the highlights of the Belfast Political Tour include:

  • The Murals – there are hundreds of murals across Belfast. The drawings communicate Irish culture and history in a unique and fascinating way. Steeped in the history of social movement in the country, as well as depictions of the strikes and civil war consequences through the eyes of Republicans and Unionist
  • Peace Walls – protective walls and barriers were put in place, to protect neighbourhoods in times of conflict, and the majority still stand today, despite originally being a temporary construction

Our black cab also tours the city centre, past Queens University and includes a trip to the Titanic Dock and Pump House. The diverse culture offered in Belfast is unique and unparalleled, and this bespoke tour is not to be missed; especially for those of you that enjoy history and culture – even more so at this joyful, festive time of year.

For more information on our black cab political tour, and for help in booking yours; please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get out and enjoy Belfast, whatever the weather.