Ireland sober is Ireland stiff ~ James Joyce

Famous Irish author, James Joyce, couldn’t have said it any better than he did.

Ireland has never really been a land for the vanilla in life. There’s too much to see, too much to do, and if you listen to some (usually found propping up the bar in one of our many fine establishments), too much to drink to be boring.

Half the fun of Ireland lies in its rich history, unique culture and breath-taking scenery. The other half lies in the artistry and passion displayed when creating some of the tastiest nectars known to man.

Yes, there’s a certain comical caricature of the pub-loving Irishman, and yes, we know how to make and take a good stiff drink. But it’s about more than the drinking itself. The production of whiskey, stout and beer is intrinsic to Irish history, so much so that it has become a part of the national identity.

So if you’re planning on visiting this beautiful land, you’ll want to know a bit about the best drinks it has to offer. Check out some of them below.

Superior Stout

A tall, cold Guinness. There are few things better in life than this. Of course, you may have enjoyed a pint or two back home, or elsewhere on your travels. But we guarantee it won’t be a patch on the one you enjoy in Ireland. Maybe it’s something in the water, or maybe the Irish really do it better. Either way, a glass of everyone’s favourite Irish stout is not to be missed!

Winning Whiskey

A golden splash of Bushmills’ finest will fix any problem, mend any heart, and put a smile on the hardest of faces. Whiskey is an Irish favourite, especially when it’s one of our own. The drink’s origins may be a topic of debate, but the word we use now comes from the Irish Gaelic “uisce beatha”, which translates to “water of life”. That, right there, ladies and gents, is a fact. And you can learn more of them on one of our tours of the Bushmills distillery…or at a local bar of an evening.

Iconic Coffee

Every now and then, we all enjoy a coffee. In particular, we enjoy a coffee Irish style. It is the genius combination of caffeine, liquor, and a smooth cream topping that makes this delicious drink go down so easily; if not a little too easily. As the nights begin to draw in and you find yourself having to choose between a hot drink and a warming whiskey to cheer you up, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds with an Irish coffee. And where better to have one than in a real Irish bar?

And now that you know what to drink when you get here, make sure you come as soon as you can. We will gladly have you on one or two of our tours when you take a break from visiting our watering holes. Be sure to check out our Bushmills Distillery tour options too! But for now, have a drink for us and we’ll see you soon!

Many people die of thirst…but the Irish are born with it ~ Spike Milligan