During the voyage of the infamous liner, there was decadence and grandeur to rival any of today’s luxury travel options. Those that were in 1st class aboard the Titanic knew nothing but fine living and luxury, and they were certainly not disappointed when they embarked upon their journey to New York, which, of course, was sadly never made. View our amazing Titanic Tour right here today!

Some of the amenities available to those in first class were the first of their kind and were indeed the first to be included upon a cruise liner.

Grand Staircase

One of the most notable and breathtaking sights was the Grand Staircase that was located in first class. At the top there was a hand-carved clock, ornate and detailed, this was a symbol of the attention that was paid to the detail throughout the liner.

The Dining

The Edwardian Age brought about a wealth of fine foods, imported from abroad and refined at home on British soil. This was a time when people wore their finest for dinner and would then possibly change before desert.

Typically, within the dining suites of first class there would be anywhere between ten and fourteen courses served. These would consist of many fine types of meat and dishes the lower classes may never have even heard of.

The cutlery would have been laid out exquisitely, and the guests would have known exactly what to do with it, post-dinner the gentlemen would leave for the smoking room. Here they would smoke cigars and drink spirits to their taste.

Health facilities

In 1912, the Titanic was equipped with a gymnasium, Turkish baths and even a heated salt water swimming pool. Within the gym there were rowing machines, stationary push bikes and weights, both men and women were permitted to use the facilities.

The swimming pool used salt water and was only filled once the ocean liner had reached the middle of the ocean, and clean water could be pumped as opposed to the murky water near the harbour.

Decadent cubicles surrounded the pool, and warm showers provided for the guests. Many of which would be coming from the Turkish baths, similar to a sauna experience.

The Smoking Room  

The room would have been decorated with vibrant reds and blues, servers would have waited upon the Gentlemen with a range of liquors, cocktails, beers and cigars.

Much of the world’s politics would have been discussed within rooms such as these throughout New York City and London. Together with broker deals being made over games of cards and poker. Women were not permitted in this room.

The Titanic has fascinated people for decades, in particular with the release of the film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. If you want to get a closer look at what it was that got this incredible ocean liner to sail, then get in touch with us here at Legends Of The North, to book onto one of our tours.