‘Games of Thrones’ is up there with some of the most watched and talked about TV shows of modern times. Much like ‘Breaking Bad’, the series has something of a cult following and whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you will hear about it at every turn.

Here at Legends of the North , we are proud of the Irish connection with the show – filmed on location in Belfast for much of the series’ lifespan – and the show depicts the vast GoT world with scenes of great beauty and imposing landscapes.

Over the course of many seasons, Game of Thrones delighted fans with daring and tragic storylines, interspersed with comedy and love. More than a handful of the most iconic scenes though were filmed here in Ireland – all of which are featured in our fantastic Game of Thrones tour.

While most of the western world is a fan, we have heard a rumour that some of you out there are still living your life completely unaware of the complicated goings on in the biggest show on screens.

To help you get your heads around the show, and maybe even indulge in a few episodes to see what the fuss is all about, we’ve amassed the need-to-know information as a quick overview of the basics:

  • Based on the fantasy book series ‘Of Fire and Ice’ by George R. R. Martin
  • Set in a world of two continents: Westeros and Essos
  • These continents are made up of the Seven Kingdoms and their realm rulers – Kingdom of the North / House Stark of Winterfell; Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale / House Arryn of the Eyrie; Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers / House Hoare of Harrenhal; Kingdom of the Rock / House Lannister of Casterley Rock; Kingdom of the Stormlands / House Durrandon of Storm’s End; Kingdom of the Reach / House Gardener of Highgarden; and Principality of Dorne / House Martell of Sunspear
  • The overarching storylines are civil war, attempts to claim the Iron Throne, and the fact that “Winter is coming”.

With so many awards under their belt for exceptional storylines, acting, production and so much more, Game of Thrones is wonderfully complex in narrative yet gripping to the end. So, which characters should you be rooting for?

Jon Snow

Born the illegitimate child in the Stark family, Jon Snow is an isolated character despite having grown up with the Stark family in the North. Determined not to waste his life, he vows to work at The Wall to protect it from the creatures that lie in the North. A moody, yet gallant pessimist to his core, Jon Stark is a Game of Thrones favourite.

Arya Stark

Jon’s half-sister Arya is his closest member of the family, and a tomboy with as much to prove as he. Ever-appalled at the macabre and barbaric nature of those around her, she is as skilled with a sword as many of her counterparts and lives the life of a fugitive, set on survival, no matter what.

Cersei Lannister

The cruel and devious Queen Mother Cersei is thought to have a soft side, which she masks beneath malice and brutality. A manipulator like no other, the bitter and twisted head of the Lannister family has a point to prove.

Tyrion Lannister

The dwarf brother of Cersei is a party animal at heart with a penchant for good times. A schemer who feels rejected by his family, much like Jon Snow, he works his way into a suitable position of power and proves he is just as worthy of his title as the next person.

Daenerys Targaryen

Introduced as timid and innocent, Daenerys is married off to Khol Drago and becomes Khaleesi to the Dothraki people. As she grows ever more determined and stronger, Daenerys sets about reclaiming what she believes to be her birthright and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Special mention goes to  Joffrey Baratheon – son of Cersei Lannister. The secret love-child of a tryst to remain top secret, Joffrey grows to be as cruel and malicious as his mother.

Sound good? We thought so – Game of Thrones has us all hooked, and you will not escape!

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