Northern Ireland has played the set for many movies and TV shows over the years. From fantasy to gritty dramas, this corner of the world really has seen it all. So, read on for just three movies and TV shows filmed in this beautiful location.  Discover our beautiful tours in and around Northern Ireland right here today!

City of Ember

This 2008 picture is based on a novel of the same name, authored by Jeanne DuPrau. Gil Kenan directed the movie, and it stars celebrities such as Mary Kay Place, Bill Murray, and Toby Jones. Unfortunately, the picture didn’t do too well at the box office, and critics gave mixed reviews. The city was created by converting an old paint hall situated at the Titanic Quarter in Belfast.

Dracula Untold

Another fantasy now, with a slightly darker plot, mind you, Dracula Untold was produced in 2014. The plot consists of a twist on the traditional Count Dracula story and, with stars like Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, and Charles Dance, this feature proved to be a massive success. Shooting commenced in Northern Ireland (of course), at Roe Valley Country Park.

Game of Thrones

As one of the most celebrated TV shows ever to air, Game of Thrones has received incredible hype since the release of the first series. Without giving too much away, fans everywhere are hooked on the fantasy elements and dark plots. As for filming, much of the set is shot at Paint Hall Studios, situated in Belfast. Recognising the immense popularity, we here at Legends of the North thought it only fitting to give visitors and locals the opportunity to embark on a tour like no other; our Game of Thrones tour. More information is available on our website.

These are just three films and TV shows that have been filmed in Northern Ireland. Do you have any more that you’d like to share?