Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is bursting at the seams with nature, making up some of the world’s most stunning views. Of course, we can’t list all the flora found here, otherwise we may be here forever, but below we have compiled just two county flowers that we feel deserve a place on our Emerald Isle: Plant Life list.


Said to consist of a coconut-like smell, Gorse is a distinct shrub with a yellow bloom. A beautiful sight, it has become the county flower of none other than Belfast and tends to reside on banks and sea-cliffs. This flower even has a place in legend, as it is said that when gorse is in bloom, you should give your loved one a kiss. Though we have passed this flowers prime time for flowering, next year’s array of yellow is bound to be equally as striking.

Fun Fact: Gorse was previously used in kilns and fires as a source of fuel.

Purple Saxifrage

Purple Saxifrage is the county flower of Derry and is usually found on basalt rocks around the area. It is said to favour cliff faces and can be found in settled snow as well. Commonly found between the months of April and June, when in bloom, it is a truly beautiful flower, whose colour can brighten up any backdrop.

So, these are just two flowers that are part of the plant life found in Ireland. Do you have any more species that you’ve spotted recently or that you think deserve a place on this list?

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