We have a tradition of passing our history orally and singing a lot of it and writing songs about it ~ Sinead O’Connor (Irish Singer)

As part of both its history and its current culture, music is at the very heart of Ireland and its people. When Sinead O’Connor was quoted discussing the place music and oral culture in Irish history, she hit the nail on the head.

Heartbreak, social issues, good news and love stories; they all make for the best songs, and this is not something that has escaped the attention of Irish music makers. Everything from Folk, Bluegrass and Country, to Pop, Rock and Alternative music, can be found up and down the Emerald Isle and offers an insight into the country’s life and times like nothing else can.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be in our neck of the woods in coming months, you’ll be pleased to know that Belfast is hosting an array of Traditional Music Sessions every day and night, at venues across the city.

These sessions are the ideal opportunity to get a real taste of Ireland, whilst being able to relax after a day of adventure and exploration. You can learn the history, sway to the love songs, or soak up the atmosphere as you sink a pint of the finest Guinness.

Of course, if you want to see what kind of beauty inspires the powerful ballads and romantic lyrics of Ireland’s music, from Traditional Folk to Top 40, you can do just that with Legends!

Our tours not only offer a glimpse into Ireland’s history, politics, culture and lore; they also take you to some of Ireland’s most inspirational and breath-taking spots, so you can understand why the Emerald Isle is such a musical muse.

We go to the Giant’s Causeway where, standing on a giant basalt column; you get a new perspective on life and the world. We also take you to storybook locations like the Dark Hedges filming location, from Game of Thrones, so you can feel that sense of escape only afforded by music (and magic!).

Here you learn heroic tales of danger, love, loss and triumph. The stuff that only mythical legends and musical hits can be made of!

So book one of our tours to ensure you see the best bits of Northern Ireland, and whilst you’re here, don’t forget to check out the musical medley on offer in this very tuneful and talented country.