19th August 2015 marks annual Photography Day, and what better way to celebrate than by grabbing your camera and visiting the UK’s top spots. A perfect opportunity to work on your photography skills, no matter what type you’re into, the UK is an ideal location to get in touch with your artistic side!

If you’re unsure of where to head off to though, why not visit Northern Ireland.

With its rolling countryside and scenic routes, blended with cultural street art in local towns and plenty of historic sites, Northern Ireland is a great choice for professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts alike.

You can explore locations like the Giant’s Causeway on one of our tours,  or you can head off into the sunset with your camera to uncover other Northern Ireland gems, tucked away in stunning natural surroundings.

You could even take a drive around the Ring of Kerry, a route famous for its wonderful selection of unparalleled views, and stop off along the way to capture the action.

Alternatively, if you’re not too keen on nature photography, towns in Northern Ireland are simply bustling with vibrant life, with plenty to see and do during your stay.

With labyrinths of market stalls to weave through and an opportunity to delve deeper into Northern Ireland’s dark history, with various street art and attractions, you’re sure to enjoy your time here, even if it’s only for a day!

So, book yourself on one of our tours today, see the rest of our blog for more ideas on what to do in Northern Ireland and make the most of your time away, on Photography Day.

Alternatively, you can enquire through our website if you have specific questions about any of our tours. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you explore the beauty of Northern Ireland!