You may be keen to travel to Ireland and explore its culture and diversity, but what about when it comes to food? You can’t tell us that you’ll be sticking to the same old picnics, surely. Well, if you’d like to mix it up a little after enjoying everything Ireland has to offer, from tours to glorious topography, see below for just three traditional dishes from Ireland.


This delightful dish was not only enjoyed by the Irish people but equally by goblins and fairies, according to legend. Perhaps more interestingly is that small tokens were often tucked away inside the meal as a sign of what the year ahead held for the individual. Comprising of kale, cabbage and potato, this is one tradition to be loved by all.

Dulse and Yellowman

The Lammas Fair in Northern Ireland is an exciting summer event, and food plays an important role in the celebration too. Dulse and Yellowman is the perfect example of a tasty seasonal dish; red seaweed combined with delicious honeycomb toffee is sure to go down a treat, every time.

Guinness Stew

Stew is a favourite all round, that’s no secret, but what about blending everyone’s most loved recipe with a classic Irish beverage. Yes, that’s right; Guinness Stew is most definitely a trend and a popular one at that. In fact, according to rumour, Arthur Guinness actually signed up for 9,000 years of owning the brewery where it all began, which turned out to be a roaring success.

These are just three traditional Irish dishes to try on your next adventure to Ireland, to top off a wonderful day of exploring and embarking on one of our tours!

If, however, you have the food for the evening all sorted, you may be wondering about the tours we offer, to make the most of your trip away. Feel free to browse our site and discover another side of Ireland.