For centuries, people all around the world have been intrigued and entranced by the dead, the afterlife and all that resides between the two. Halloween is one of the biggest commercial holidays in the world, and with its deep roots in Irish history, here at Legends of the North, we can’t help but celebrate with gusto. As the hallowed day approaches, and the launch of our Ghost Walk Belfast creeping closer, we look into the phenomenon that is the ghost walk.

Public interest, morbid curiosity and thrill seekers combine to make ‘haunt-repreneurs’ one of the fastest growing sectors of the leisure industry. With over $300million taken in 2012 alone,  Ghost Walks, true crime experiences and Scare Events are no longer restricted to the month of Halloween! That’s right, dark tourism is big business all year round, and it’s hard not to see why.

The adrenaline seeker inside all of us feeds off the excitement, the buzz, and the thrill of the chase, the scare, the knowledge that it’s not real. Activities that appear spooky and scary but hold no real danger are inherently realistic, and this only makes them more appealing.

Whether they’re based on serial killers like the infamous Jack the Ripper or spooky goings on in your city, one thing is for sure: the ghost walk is as popular as ever, and is here to stay.

So, what can you expect from Ghost Walk Belfast? Well, that would be telling, but there’s certainly a lot of weird and creepy stuff happening around The Golden Mile for you to choose from!

From the Crumlin Road Gaol haunting to the mysterious fog at the Giant’s Ring; from ghostly figures to reports of UFO sightings, there is a whole myriad of potential in Belfast alone! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the Ghost Walk Belfast as and when it comes – you won’t want to miss out.

While you’re waiting, have a browse of our current sights and tours to see what else Ireland has in store for you – perhaps you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and want to visit Kings Landing for real, or are fascinated by the demise of RMS Titanic… Whatever takes your fancy, Legends of the North has got it covered.