Straighteners? Check. Socks? Check. Sense of adventure? Errm…

If you’re planning a holiday and need a check-list, remember, it isn’t always about what you need to pack and take; it’s also about how to prepare in advance before you get to your destination. So we have put together a few tips that might have slipped your mind…

  • Try buying items that are cheap and that you wouldn’t mind throwing away whilst on holiday
  • Always take a spare carrier bag to separate clothes that will need a wash on your return
  • Don’t over pack, only take what you really need, don’t give yourself the option of choosing what to wear; choose in advance and stick to it. Don’t forget, the majority of us shop whilst we are on holiday and tend to have overflowing cases upon return. Clothes can also be washed and re-worn during longer stays
  • Buy a dictionary for the obvious language and culture of your chosen destination. It is good to be able to converse with locals. Do some research beforehand
  • Always check the exchange rate and whether it might be cheaper to convert your currency here or there. Using the ATMs whilst away can sometimes work out more cost effective (check beforehand to see if you will be charged for any ATM transactions)
  • If you are not as adventurous with food, take some snacks that you enjoy and are used to, just in case. It’s always nice to try the local cuisine, for a true experience, though
  • Don’t forget your camera for those unmissable Kodak moments and scenery whilst you explore the beauty of your chosen destination
  • Before going on holiday, book your excursions and sight-seeing in advance, it can get really confusing as to what you want to see and explore when you get there. Do your research beforehand and decide on what you want to see. Depending on the length of your stay, you may find you won’t even be able to fit everything in. So imagine what kind of a holiday you are after (relaxing, educational) and look into what is available

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