The Titanic.

As the world’s most famous and ill-fated luxury cruise liner, the Titanic was as revered in its day as it is in remembrance.

Designed to the highest of specifications, and set to revolutionise luxury travel between the UK and the US, it set out on its maiden voyage, never to return. Despite the grave errors that resulted in such catastrophe, the ship was a design and engineering feat, and will continue to go down in history as one of Ireland’s greatest legends.

So naturally, the city of Belfast has always come up with ways to honour the ship and its legacy, as well as its integral role in Belfast’s history.

But how do you give an appropriately enthusiastic nod to early-20th-century design and engineering, without compromising the fast-moving and forward-thinking identity of such a modern urban centre? Well, you start with big ideas and bigger architecture.

Enter: the Titanic Quarter.

This waterfront regeneration project is far more than a government initiative or White Star Line monument though. Titanic Quarter is the future of city living, and it is breathing new life into Belfast.

So whether you live down the road and fancy exploring your doorstep, or you are a guest of the Emerald Isle and you want a taste of everyday Irish life, Titanic Quarter is a must-see stop.

Want to see what else you can get up to in this vibrant quarter of the city? Read on…

Some Retail Therapy

Of course, if you’re out and about, experiencing new places or exploring Belfast’s past, you’ll want souvenirs for yourself and your nearest and dearest. So it’s a good thing Titanic Quarter offers plenty in the way of shopping, as well as sightseeing.

Urban Sports Experience

T13 is an Urban Sports Park that packs a punch. You can step through the doors of this old shipbuilding warehouse, leaving the beauty of historic (and regenerated) Belfast behind, to get lost in a world of BMX and skateboarding, as well as other urban-esque attractions like street art and DJs.

Quiet Waterside Strolls

One of the best parts about the Titanic Quarter’s location is the stunning views of and proximity to Belfast Harbour Marina. Despite its city centre location, the marina is a stone’s throw from the Irish Sea and offers a cool and calming spot to wander around when the hustle and bustle gets a bit much.

The Titanic Experience

The ultimate interactive Titanic attraction, the Titanic Experience is a great way to learn more, at your own pace, in state-of-the-art facilities. In fact, this treat works perfectly with one of our guided Titanic tours!

Northern Ireland’s Top Nosh

Even when you’re enjoying the busiest day of exploration and adventure, you need a pit stop to replenish your energy. And what better way to rest up and fill up than at one of the Titanic Quarter’s wonderful restaurants and cafes? If you’re looking for top Irish nosh or a selection of international cuisine, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Yes, you’ll certainly find yourself with plenty to do in this part of the city. So get yourself on one of our guided Titanic tours, where you will experience Belfast and its shipbuilding history like never before. Then in the days leading up to and following your tour, you can experience the city for yourself.