The world is home to some beautiful surroundings, shaped by fascinating history and culture, in equal measure. So, if you’re planning a trip, how do you know where to go?

Well, aside from sorting out your budget and thinking about what you want from your holiday away, you also need to think about what each location can offer.

This includes their backdrop, as well as their array of activities, which need to keep everyone entertained, no matter what their age or interests.

So, of all the stunning locations to visit in the UK, and abroad, why choose Northern Ireland? Read on to find out.

Set Against a Rolling Green Milieu

Northern Ireland is blessed with stunning countryside and plenty of opportunity for runs, and even a spot of photography. This setting isn’t only ideal for the artistic or fit though, as a family walk through the meadows or a picnic on the green, green grass is more than enjoyable for everyone involved. If, however, you don’t fancy getting back to nature during your stay, you can always make the most of Northern Ireland’s…
Array of City-Based Activities

One of the best parts about visiting Northern Ireland is the balance you get,  between picturesque scenery and quaint towns or bustling city life. It goes without saying that Belfast is at the heart of all the action, and this capital has more than just a few things to do during your stay. Whether you take a tour of the city, do a spot of shopping or simply go sight-seeing, you will be thoroughly entertained in Northern Ireland. But what really makes Northern Ireland so mesmerising? Aside from its lush green scenery and vibrant city life, you also have its…
History and Culture

Ah yes, we all have a family member or friend who just can’t get enough of history, let alone modern culture that helps to shape the capital and nation. Teeming with historic significance, from being the birthplace of the Titanic to the setting of popular TV series, Game of Thrones, this nation can offer a lot in the way of interest.

As for its culture, there is nothing quite like the market stalls and the array of colourful street art that can be found here, both of which make for a lovely place to visit on your next holiday.

So, join us in Northern Ireland, and don’t forget to learn more about its history, urban legends and really get to grips with the diverse lifestyles here, on one of our tours.