Ireland is renowned for its native collection of paranormal, mythical legends, making this location a must-see spot for those that are intrigued by otherworldly activity.

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The Ghost of Dunsandle House

Whilst supernatural entities are renowned for their attachment to locations, it may be that they’ve found a new love for an object inside the property and aren’t willing to let it go. That was the case with the tale of Dunsandle House, or rather, its mantelpiece.

After a 20th-century worker decided to remove the mantelpiece and keep it in his workshop, he soon discovered that it did not come alone.

His workshop was soon branded as haunted, as objects flew everywhere with no explanation and the eerie sound of a fiddle filled the night. It is also said that the ghost revealed himself a few times and was described as a ‘tall man’.

After a while, the worker managed to stop the haunting in its tracks though it isn’t disclosed how exactly he was able to do so. We can only guess that the mantelpiece was returned to its rightful place.

Island from Ballycotton Shore

If ghosts don’t interest you then perhaps the mysterious disappearing island, which could be seen from Ballycotton, will grab your attention.

The island made its first appearance in 1878 and was spotted by individuals residing in this seaside town (Ballycotton). They claimed that it simply couldn’t be sea-life or a mythical creature, as the island’s forests and the coastline could quite clearly be seen.

Intrigued, a group of fishermen decided to sail to the island and explore, but before they had a chance, it disappeared.

Amazingly, this isn’t the only island to be reported vanishing, so next time you head off to Ireland, it’s worth reading up on and keeping an eye out for these mysterious sites.

UFO Alert

Part of the appeal of the Emerald Isle is that it isn’t just the supernatural that lurks here, but out of this world phenomenon too.

The country is said to be a major hotspot for UFOs, and pilots must take care when in the air to avoid crashing into one of these zipping machines. Some encounters have been claimed to be caught on film; another story to research before stepping foot in the lush rolling countryside of Ireland.

These are just three supernatural stories of the Emerald Isle. Of course, you can find out much more about the legends and myths surrounding this location on one of our tours, whether it is the Giants Causeway walk or something a little more historical that catches your eye.