So we all know that Ireland is home to Guinness, cabbage, potatoes and stew, but how about satisfying that sweet tooth a little, too? We have three ideas for dessert after you’ve been on one of our fine Legends of the North tours, of course!

Irish coffee cake
Irish coffee is created using Irish whiskey, sugar, whipped cream and, of course, coffee. Irish coffee was originally founded by a young Irish chef named Joe Sheridan, who was head chef at a restaurant in Foynes, and in charge of hospitality. Serving cold and tired passengers who had just survived a storm one night, he concocted a mixture of hot coffee with brown sugar and whisky to keep them warm, he then topped it off with cream. The drink became a hit with the passengers and quickly became part of the restaurant’s menu. The famous drink is now an international success.

And now, you can make your own moist, delicious Irish coffee cake. Soaked towards the end with warm, sweet whiskey syrup. Divine.

Shamrock pie
A lot of businesses and organisations in Ireland name themselves after the Shamrock, which is a well-known symbol of Ireland. It means young clover, hence the green clover as the symbol. The shamrock was known as a blessed plant to the Irish, due to its triad which was relevant to the Celtic. In honour of the young, green clover, you could make a traditional shamrock pie; with a twist! This could leave your friends green with envy.

Grasshopper cheesecake
The grasshopper is a common insect found chirping in the Irish fields, which is where the significance between grasshoppers and Ireland is. It is also where the famous song grasshopper, stems from too. The relevance in the grasshopper cheesecake is purely the colour as it has the addition of crème de menthe, which makes it a fabulous, and refreshing, quick dessert to make!

Be sure to experiment and try out these three, delicious, Irish desserts after you’ve been on one of the finest tours this side, with Legends of the North.