The Giants Causeway in Antrim is one of the most beautiful world heritage sites, steeped in iconic viewpoints, historic value and is a place of interest for tourists from across the world, every day. The fantastic scenes you will witness on the Giants Causeway tour are shrouded in myth and legend that make for a fascinating read before embarking on the tour.

Giant CausewayWhere do all good stories begin? At the beginning! Our stories go back to the ancient kingdom of Ulster that was unbelievably stunning with scenic views, fast flowing rivers connecting the kingdom with the seas, crashing into the imposing cliffs and rocks that made up the coastline. Gigantic stones too heavy for the ordinary man to life were laid out that have since adopted the name ‘Giants Graves’ over the last five thousand years.

You might have heard about Finn MacCool – the incredible Irish Giant who was feared across the lands all the way to Scotland, where the Scottish Giants resided. A feud had arisen between the two rival Giants, so Finn built a causeway spanning the length between ulster and Scotland, right across the North Channel. His Giants Causeway was built from odd looking, hexagonal shaped stones that fit together like a giant honeycomb.

Finn took great pride in his work, and wanted to show off his achievement – so he challenged the Scots to a battle – but alas, he regretted this decision almost immediately. With his wide, they devised a plan to trick the Scottish Giant into retreating back to Scottish soil. Shortly after, Finn threw a giant clod at the disappearing Scot, missed and in turn created the Isle of Man.

Finn set about destroying his hard work with vigour, and the Scottish Giant followed suit. All that remained was the jagged coastline that we know and love today.

The mythology involved in this historic site merely adds to the stunning history and views seen on the Giants Causeway tour – as well as the true meaning behind the unique rock formation.