As one of the world’s most beautiful heritage sites, it is hard to not mistake The Giants Causeway for something a little grander – like, the eighth wonder of the word for a start! Not only is it a spectacular view, but its makes for a wonderful family day out, fill of history and culture.

giant causewayTake our Giants Causeway Tour and see these five fantastic facts brought to life.

  1. It wasn’t until 1986 that the Giants Causeway was declared a world heritage site. It remains the only one in the whole of Northern Ireland.
  2. The Giants Causeway formation have changed and evolved over the years, thanks to the weather. There are even some remarkable structures that reminiscent of giant’s eyes, fitting nicely with the legend behind the Causeway.
  3. A whole host of rare plants have been found and identified on cliffs in the area and there are many rock formations housing the delightfully striking Frog Orchid, Sea Fescue and Vernal Squill.
  4. Europe’s first hydro-electric tram opened at the site in 1883, running between the Causeway and Portrush.
  5. In reality, it is believed that volcanic activity a whopping 50-60 million years ago was the cause of the higgledy-piggledy columns formations of Basalt that make up the Giants Causeway on the Antrim coastline.

With so much more to be learnt from this incredibly historic site, enjoy a day full of awe and wonder with family or friends. Our Giants Causeway tour is the best way to experience this natural landscape in all its beauty, led by our experts who are on hand to answer any questions you might have, too.