Like Italy’s leaning tower of Pisa, Belfast takes pride the Albert Memorial Clock and recognises it as a symbol of beauty and history that shouldn’t be forgotten. Established in 1865, the clock was built in an Italian gothic fashion in honour of Queen Victoria’s consort, none other than Price Albert.

Due to being 113ft tall, during the time of the Titanic it made a perfect vantage point for those who wanted a birds-eye view of the Titanic’s launch. It also has a statue of Price Albert himself along with floral embellishment and crowned lions hand-crafted right down to the final detail.

As a result of the Albert Clock being constructed on uneven and marshy lands surrounding the River Farset, the very top of the tower leans four feet off where it should stand completely vertical. Unfortunately, due to this drastic movement over the years a variety of beautiful ornamental works had to be removed in 1924 along with the famous stone canopy that hung just above the stone prince.

The Albert Memorial Clock underwent further damage due to a bomb explosion on the 6th of January 1992. From the dates of the bombing to 2002, a project aiming to restore this incredible landmark was undergone where many decaying statues and carvings were replaced and the tower was cleaned.

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