In the ship industry’s latest and arguably most controversial move to date a tribute to the historical Titanic ship is being built in China and financed by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer as part of a project named simply as the Titanic 2.

Palmer launched the project ‘out of love’ for the design and the philosophy of the original. The subject of completing a replica ship has been long discussed amongst businessmen who are interested in reviving the Titanic’s legacy. South African businessman, Sarel Gous, came very close to launching the construction of a replica Titanic; however difficulties with investment caused the project to be abandoned in2006. Clive Palmers vision aims to be more efficient and execute a precise design. A number of Titanic experts are said to be involved with the project including Steve Hall as a design consultant and Daniel Klistorner as interior designer, both of which make the project seem promising.

On hearing that the construction of the Titanic replica would be taking place outside the UK, some question the significance of the contribution from stakeholders of the original enterprise. The truth is that the design and development plans are being closely analysed by Harland and Wolff, the original Titanic developers. Harland and Wolff do hold the blueprints for the Titanic however they own no rights over the name. On the contemporary redesign a spokesman from the company said: “Perhaps marketing it as built in Belfast by Harland and Wolff rather than anywhere else would help because of the historical associations”. Perhaps the city of Belfast should have enjoyed a more demanding role in the construction of the Titanic 2 due to its historical values.

Titanic 2 is taking the key design elements from the original. However it will be laced with contemporary technology to make the ship more efficient and durable.

If this project reaches a successful completion then the whole world will wait for its launch with eager anticipation. If however you cannot wait until 2016, why not experience any number of Belfast tours to find out more about the history of the original ship and see for yourself how closely the new development’s designs follow that of its ancestor. There are various Northern Ireland tours that allow access to areas filled with Titanic history and culture.